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In 2015, we had a chance encounter online and began our journey. Over the past decade, we have focused on building end-to-end WordPress solutions for startups and agencies, serving thousands of users globally. Recognizing a significant gap in the WordPress market, Emraan began developing a robust WordPress framework for developers two years ago. The framework aims to streamline the creation of complex websites, web apps, WordPress themes, and plugins. In October 2022, the CubeWP Framework was finally released on WordPress.org.

Executive Team

Emraan is driven to push the boundaries of WordPress and has developed several innovative solutions for the platform in the past. He is also passionate about teaching young talent to code, empowering them to become the next generation of technical leaders in the WordPress community.

Emraan Cheema

Co-Founder & Cheif Tech Hero

Sam spent over a decade in the corporate world before leaving to join Emraan in their mission to develop cutting-edge solutions for the WordPress community that will drive efficiency, growth, and maximum return on investment

Sam Rizzi

Co-Founder & Cheif Growth Hero

Cover Values

We strongly believe in building strong teams, first.

Behind every success product, there is a strong and dedicated team.

We believe putting the right foot forward each time.

Our honesty and passion are the only traits which helped us succeed.

Custom success is were our conversations begin.

We believe in starting with empathy and staying solution centric to help our target audience.

The devil is in the details.

Our knowledge gained from experience, offers us an unfair advantage over competition.

Our goal is simplicity for complex problems.

By working smarter, not harder, we can deliver simple end-to-end solutions to meet your needs.

Brand Assets

Thank you for your interest in CubeWP! We have a few guidelines for using CubeWP's brand resources -
please take a moment to familiarize yourself with them. You can download individual assets such as the CubeWP
logo and mascot, or you can download the entire presskit.

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Correct Spelling

When written, CubeWP is a single word with both Cube using uppercase initial letters and WP all UPPERCASE which is an industry standard for WordPress. It is always written as CubeWP, never as Cubewp, nor Cube WP.



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Below you will find direct links for our logo downloads along with guidelines on their usage.

Logo with mascot for light backgrounds.

Logo with mascot for dark backgrounds.

Text logo for light backgrounds.

Text logo for dark backgrounds.

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[Honorary Mention] Paul Charlton, founder of WPTuts featured CubeWP in the following video Best WordPress Plugins & Design Tools 2022

Tuesday June 21, 2022
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