CubeWP Wallet

Digital wallet for websites

for CubeWP Framework


CubeWP Wallet is a feature-rich plugin designed primarily for developers and themes, allowing them to integrate a wallet system into their websites. With CubeWP Wallet, you can enable transactions to be added to a user's wallet, provide withdrawal functionality, and even implement commission charges. This plugin provides a flexible and customizable solution for managing virtual wallets on your WordPress site.


  • Insert Transactions into Wallet: Developers and theme designers can easily incorporate the ability to add transactions into a user's wallet using the provided coding examples. This feature enables users to deposit funds into their wallet for future use.
  • Withdrawal Functionality: Users can conveniently withdraw funds from their wallet as needed. This provides them with the flexibility to utilize their wallet balance for various purposes within your website.
  • Commission Charging: Admins have the option to apply commission charges on wallet transactions. This feature allows you to monetize the wallet system by deducting a percentage or fixed amount as a commission from each transaction.
  • Dispute Request for Refund: Customers can create dispute requests for refunding a specific transaction. This functionality ensures that users have recourse in case of any issues or discrepancies with their wallet transactions.

What‘s Included?

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  • Updated
    August 7, 2023
  • Created
    April 4, 2023

Required Plugins

Minimum Requirements

6.0.2 7.2