Welcome to the

CubeWP Exclusive Ambassador Program

Join the ranks of the extraordinary! At CubeWP, we value the contribution of our brand ambassadors, or as we prefer to call them, Brand Superheroes. We invite you to become the face of our brand, sharing our story with the world and enjoying fantastic benefits in return.

Our Brand Superhero

Alejandro Gil Mialdea

Brand Superhero for Europe

Chetan Prajapati

Brand Superhero for India

Benefits & Perks of being a CubeWP
Brand Superhero

Joining the CubeWP Elite Affiliate Program comes with an impressive array of benefits

Sign-Up Bonus

Get 100 Lifetime All Access licenses for personal or commercial use.

Loyalty Bonus

Unlock unlimited licenses by reaching specific milestones.

Extended Cookie Tracking

Earn from referrals with our Elite Affiliate program.

Website Mention

Get recognized on our website.

Event Organizer

Organize CubeWP meetups.

Event Sponsorship

Attend local WordPress events with sponsored travel*.

Early Access

Access plugin updates and beta versions first.

Exclusive Promotions

Share special discounts or promotions.

Dashboard & Referral Code

Track progress and earn rewards.

Dashboard & Referral Code

Get comprehensive assistance for our plugin.


Show off branded CubeWP merchandise.


To maintain a high standard in our Elite Ambassador Program, we have outlined some basic expectations

Before You Apply

Before you step into the shoes of a Brand Superhero, it’s important to understand what we seek in our ambassadors. A Brand Superhero represents CubeWP, embodying our values and our passion to support and uplift the local WordPress community.

While this isn’t a salaried role, you can look forward to a multitude of benefits, perks, and performance-based incentives. For those Superheroes who truly excel, we also offer cash rewards.

Program Guidelines

As an ambassador, or Brand Superhero, you are not just representing our brand but also
becoming part of a movement. This is the pledge we expect our Superheroes to live by:

Share Knowledge

Connect your audience with accessible resources.

Empower Others

Help users unlock WordPress project potential.

Live Our Values

Embody integrity, transparency, and

Educate without

Promote CubeWP to all, regardless of background.

Represent Your

Advocate for your local WordPress community.

Deal with

Approach interactions with understanding.

What We Expect from Our Brand Superheroes

As a Brand Superhero, we ask that you

Create Content

Produce high-quality content such as articles, videos, etc.
about CubeWP.

Provide Feedback

Point out any issues with our brand. Your feedback helps us grow.

Attend Meetings

Join quarterly meetings with the CubeWP team.

Language Translation

Translate CubeWP content into the local language to reach a wider audience.

Create Course (Optional)

Develop comprehensive courses about CubeWP and its features.

Embark on this exciting journey with CubeWP today. Become a Brand Superhero and
help us revolutionize the WordPress experience. Apply now!

Join Our Ambassador Program

Apply today if you have what it takes to be an Ambassador.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Browse our faq’s below, if you can not find the answer
to you’re looking for please contact us.

The CubeWP Ambassador Program is a partnership where affiliates can earn income by promoting the CubeWP WordPress plugin. Ambassadors earn competitive commissions on sales and subscriptions, get the benefit of extended cookie tracking, receive PayPal payments without transaction fees deductions, and much more.

The CubeWP Ambassador Program stands out due to its selective process, hand-picking remarkable affiliates and maintaining a strict 10% acceptance rate from applications. It offers lucrative commissions, extended 60-day cookie tracking, consistent income, milestone bonuses, and thorough support, culminating in an unmatched partnership opportunity. This exacting selection cultivates a unique affiliate community dedicated to long-term, ethical promotions of CubeWP’s superior WordPress solutions.

Ambassadors receive a 30% commission on one-time sales and the first payment of subscription sales. They also receive a 15% lifetime recurring commission on subscriptions and a 10% commission on any future purchases made by the same users.

The minimum payout in the CubeWP Ambassador Program is set at $100.

Ambassadors should have a solid understanding of affiliate marketing, an established online presence, the ability to produce high-quality content, and a commitment to a long-term partnership. We may request to test the CubeWP products and publish a video showcasing your experience.

Ambassadors receive their earnings via PayPal, and commissions are paid out automatically in the first week of each month, without any threshold limit, after the refund policy is met.

You can be handpicked by the CubeWP team, create high-quality content about the CubeWP plugin and share it with the team, or submit an application that the team will review.


The CubeWP Ambassador Program offers a 60-day cookie tracking.

Yes, our creative team can create custom banners for our Ambassadors upon request.