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CubeWP Elite
Affiliate Program

We have designed this program to create a mutually beneficial partnership, where you get the opportunity to earn significant income while promoting our WordPress products.

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Benefits of Our Elite Affiliate Program

Joining the CubeWP Elite Affiliate Program comes with an impressive array of benefits

Competitive Commissions

Earn 30% on initial sales and 15% lifetime subscription commission.

Lifetime Customers

Get a 10% commission on any purchases made by the same users in the future.

Extended Cookie Tracking

Enjoy our 60-day cookie tracking for longer sale opportunities.

Minimum Payment $100

The minimum payment is set at $100, rewarding your efforts.

No Transaction Fees

What you earn is what you get. We do not deduct transaction fees from your earnings.

Exclusive Entry

Qualify by testing our product and publishing a detailed review or tuts video.

PayPal Payout

Receive your earnings conveniently
through PayPal.

Automated Monthly Payouts

Get monthly commission in the 1st week, no threshold after refund policy is met.

Custom Creatives

Let us help you succeed by creating a custom creative for you

3 Ways to Join the Elite Affiliate Program

Want to join our journey? Here are three ways to become a CubeWP Elite Affiliate.

Be Handpicked
by Our Team

We scout for influential online talents for exclusive program invitations.

Create High-Quality

Create and share an engaging CubeWP video or article, then reach out to us.

Submit an

Affiliate marketing ace and our brand fan? Apply. We quickly onboard fitting affiliates.

Our Values

At CubeWP, we believe in integrity, transparency, and mutual growth. Our mission is to provide superior WordPress solutions while maintaining high ethical standards. We’re committed to supporting our affiliates in every possible way, fostering a business relationship built on trust, respect, and mutual success.

Eligibility Requirements

To ensure the success of our Elite Affiliate Program, we have set the following eligibility criteria:


You should have a solid understanding of affiliate marketing
& a proven track record of successful promotions.


Affiliates must have an established online presence with a significant & engaged audience that matches our target demographic.

Content Quality

You should produce high-quality content, whether it's blogs,
videos, or social media posts.

Product Test

To qualify, you must test our product and publish a video showcasing
your experience with CubeWP.


We seek affiliates who are committed to a long-term partnership with CubeWP.

Program Guidelines

To maintain a high standard in our Elite Affiliate Program, we have outlined some basic expectations


Always be honest and authentic when representing CubeWP. Misleading information damages both our reputation and yours.


Ensure that the content you create is of high quality and provides value to
the audience.


All affiliates must adhere to our Affiliate Program Agreement, as well as any legal requirements pertaining to affiliate marketing.

Do's and Don'ts

Here are some guidelines to help you succeed in our Elite Affiliate Program

Milestone Bonuses

Join our Elite Affiliate Program and receive bonuses for referring milestones

Join Our Affiliate Program

Apply today if you have what it takes to be an Elite Affiliate.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Browse our faq’s below, if you can not find the answer
to you’re looking for please contact us.

The CubeWP Elite Affiliate Program is a partnership where affiliates can earn income by promoting the CubeWP WordPress plugin. Affiliates earn competitive commissions on sales and subscriptions, get the benefit of extended cookie tracking, receive PayPal payments without transaction fees deductions, and much more.


The CubeWP Elite Affiliate Program stands out due to its selective process, hand-picking remarkable affiliates and maintaining a strict 10% acceptance rate from applications. It offers lucrative commissions, extended 60-day cookie tracking, consistent income, milestone bonuses, and thorough support, culminating in an unmatched partnership opportunity. This exacting selection cultivates a unique affiliate community dedicated to long-term, ethical promotions of CubeWP’s superior WordPress solutions.

Affiliates receive a 30% commission on one-time sales and the first payment of subscription sales. They also receive a 15% lifetime recurring commission on subscriptions and a 10% commission on any future purchases made by the same users.


The minimum payout in the CubeWP Elite Affiliate Program is set at $100.

Affiliates should have a solid understanding of affiliate marketing, an established online presence, the ability to produce high-quality content, and a commitment to a long-term partnership. We may request to test the CubeWP products and publish a video showcasing your experience.


Affiliates receive their earnings via PayPal, and commissions are paid out automatically in the first week of each month, without any threshold limit, after the refund policy is met.


You can be handpicked by the CubeWP team, create high-quality content about the CubeWP plugin and share it with the team, or submit an application that the team will review.


The CubeWP Elite Affiliate Program offers a 60-day cookie tracking.


Yes, our creative team can create custom banners for our affiliates upon request.