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CubeWP Claim is a versatile plugin designed to add a post claim feature to your dynamic WordPress website. With CubeWP Claim, you can offer users the ability to claim ownership of posts, ensuring content integrity and providing a platform for users to assert their authorship. This plugin supports both free and paid claims through flexible pricing plans. Additionally, admins can review and accept claims, creating an opportunity to earn income while maintaining the credibility of the claimed content.


  • Post Claim Functionality: CubeWP Claim empowers users to claim ownership of posts on your WordPress website. This feature is particularly useful for platforms that host user-generated content, allowing authors to protect their work and assert their rights.
  • Free and Paid Claims: You can offer both free and paid claim options to users. With the flexibility of pricing plans, you can monetize premium claims while providing basic claim functionality at no cost. This approach caters to a wider range of users and enhances the revenue potential of your website.
  • Pricing Plans: CubeWP Claim supports customizable pricing plans for paid claims. You can set different prices for various claim types or durations, offering users options that suit their preferences and budget. This feature allows you to create revenue streams by charging users for premium claim services.
  • Claim Review and Acceptance: Admins have the ability to review and accept claims submitted by users. This process ensures the validity and authenticity of claims, maintaining the integrity of the content on your website. Admins can verify claims and accept them if found to be legitimate.
  • Earning Opportunities: CubeWP Claim provides an earning opportunity for website admins. By charging for premium claims or offering additional services within the claim process, you can generate income while providing value to your users.

Note: CubeWP Claim Plugin may require additional setup and configuration based on your specific needs, including the integration of payment gateways (WooCommerce) for handling paid claims.

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    October 26, 2023
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    March 29, 2023

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