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Billy Elon



Story of Cubby Our Mascot

Cubby was a young tiger cub who loved to play with Rubik’s cubes and legos. He was a geeky little baby tiger, and his dream was to become the first tiger astronaut and travel to the moon. One day, Cubby received some amazing news – he had been selected to be part of NASA’s space program for kids! He was so excited and started training right away.

Cubby worked hard in training, but one day he fell and severely injured his leg. The doctors told him he could walk again and he won’t be able to participate in NASA’s space program. He was heartbroken, thinking that he would never be able to achieve his dream of traveling to the moon.

As Cubby was not among those who would easily give up he decided to write a letter to NASA, and no one responded to him. So he call several times to tell his story but that didn’t do much. Finally, he packed his bags and went to the NASA headquarters and stood there for days with a sign board that said “To travel to the moon you don’t need my legs you need my passion.”

Then something amazing happened – when NASA heard Cubby’s story they were so fascinated that after everything Cubby went through he didn’t give up so they called an urgent meeting with their experts.

After several hours they called Cubby into the meeting room and said that he could still go on the mission but as a cyborg! With a new metal leg, Cubby couldn’t believe that finally, he will be able to fulfill his dream of space travel.

Credit – Images used in this post have been generated using DALL-E mini an AI model generating images tool by Boris Dayma.